From masoé to maslé

In 1955, at the age of 14, Pietro Oberto moved to Alba. Until then, he had lived in a large farmhouse in La Morra, in the Langhe area. His family has humble origins, they were sharecrop farmers: masoé, in Piedmontese dialect. They cultivated grapevines and raised cattle, but much of the produce would be given to the landowners. Pietro has worked as a shop boy until 1965, when he finally made his dream of becoming a maslé («butcher») come true and he opened Macelleria Da Piero, his butcher shop that would be serving clients in Alba for over 40 years, becoming the place to go for quality meat.


The butcher shop for restaurants

Among the numerous customers of Macelleria Da Piero were the most important restaurants in the area. Piero selected the best meat and delivered cuts that were ready to be cooked into high quality dishes. He personally supplied the Morra family, owner of the famous “Savona” hotel, founded by Giacomo, the man who would be later recognized as the “King of Truffle” for his unrelenting efforts in promoting the Alba White Truffle and its ties to the traditional Langhe cuisine.


From Piero to Oberto

Thanks to the success of Fassona, in 2010 Macelleria "Da Piero" moved from the center of Alba to a larger space in Roddi. This is the start of Oberto, the brand representing more than 50 years of Pietro and Daniele’s tireless passion and dedication to the selection of the best Piedmontese breeds.



Oberto sets the standard for the selection, grading and international distribution of Piedmontese Fassona meat, of which it can boast birth right. An exquisitely artisanal butcher shop, where each operation is done by hand and each cut is made for renowned restaurants, to which Oberto guarantees not only high quality meat, but products designed to meet the needs and necessities of contemporary cuisine.

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