Since 1965 Oberto has been a side of breeders to select the best breeding heads

«A» like Fassona

A research, carried out starting from the butchery, to the process of packaging and until the meat reaches the restaurants, which has brought us, over the years, to identify with long-living female cattle the most complete and authentic expression of Piedmontese meat. This experience has led to the origin of the Fassona, with the letter «A» in the end indicating its feminine gender, of which we are the first makers, a selected meat that is now imitated and utilized by many other producers. Our products are certified 100% Fassona meat, from female cattle of over 36 months, raised exclusively by small breeders within the provinces of Cuneo and Turin. The meat undergoes an ennobling aging process for about two weeks, which helps in enhancing its flavour and tenderness.

«A» like Quality

• Bright red color
• Low fat content (7%)
• Low cholesterol content
• Tender and compact fibres
• Harmonious, sapid, extremely long-lasting flavour
• Hints of hazelnut and hay
• It is excellent to be eaten raw
• Suitable for any type of cooking
• It perfectly pairs with different types of wine



Piedmontese Fassone is traditionally slaughtered when they reach an age between 18 and 24 months, without considering their gender. The Fassone has a lean and tender meat, but it is less distinctive compared to the meat of the long-living female cattle. Fassona meat of over 36 months has natural fat marbling that makes it tender and tasty. With adequate aging, it stands out for its bright red color, compact and tender fibres, and juiciness.
But its essence lies in its flavour: a rich, round aroma that is never ferrous, with a perfect balance between sweetness and sapidity and an exceptional persistence, as well as hints of hazelnuts and hay. A meat suitable for all types of cooking, from grilling and braising, to baking and stews. But its highest expression can be tasted when it is eaten raw, just with a pinch of salt.


Enhancing the flavour of Fassona means knowing how to manage its “aging” period

Just like how high-quality wine ages in barrels to gain roundness and structure, our Fassona undergoes a maturation process. This lasts for about 15/20 days and takes place in a room with controlled temperature and humidity level. During this process the fibres lose their water content, they become compact and tender, and release their aromas and flavours. The outer part of the meat, which completely dries out, is removed by hand, leaving only the central section, now ready to be packaged.

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